The UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium

Welcome to the UK CFGTC website. Our aim is to develop gene therapy for Cystic Fibrosis (CF).
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The UKCFGTC is based at three of the UK's leading Universities, Edinburgh, Oxford and Imperial College London.

Gene Therapy Multi-Dose Clinical Trial Update.

The Consortium are pleased to announce that all the CF patients participating in the Multidose Gene Therapy Trial have now completed administration of their gene therapy or placebo.

Measurements are still being collected from the last few patients, after which the entire patient groups' samples will be analysed.

As the trial is a double-blind study we have no knowledge whatsoever about the outcome at this stage, but once the results have been statistically assessed they will be presented as planned at the North American CF Conference in October.

Professor Eric Alton, May 2014


The UKCFGTC is based at three of the UK's leading Universities, Edinburgh, Oxford and Imperial College London.

Wave II Update.

The Wave 2 product (CF gene delivered by a virus) that the Consortium has developed in parallel with Wave 1 over the last decade is now progressing rapidly.

We have chosen the final form of the virus that we will take into CF patients, have learnt how to make the quantities that will be needed for the first clinical trial, and have undertaken preliminary safety studies which have not shown any unexpected problems.

The next stage is to embark on a formal toxicology programme, aiming to be in a first clinical trial in 2017.

Professor Eric Alton, February 2014




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