The Tracking Study

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labphoto_slides.jpgIn July 2006 we began to look for volunteers to help us with the Tracking Study. This involved following a CF patient during a period of lung exacerbation, whilst they were having their IV antibiotics as in-patients (or if they lived locally, at home).

We took various assays from patients during this study, the results of which showed us whether a change in the assays corresponded with any clinical improvement seen in patients. We recruited 46 volunteers aged 12 and above between the London and Edinburgh sites.

The study involved requesting a few samples such as sputum and blood and asking the participant to undertake some tests such as a CT scan, exhaled breathe condensate, multiple breath washout, spirometry and nasal potential difference.

These tests were done in hospital, primarily on the first and last day of admission/course of IV antibiotics and at the follow up appointment.


Human airway liquid interface cultures transduced with a lentivirus expressing Luciferase.


Light microscope image of a human airway liquid interface cultures. Dark patches are mucous.