Consortium Scientists Take on Charity Cycle Challenge

Friday, April 8th 2016

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Flutterby_FUNdraisers_Logo.jpgOn 30 April two Consortium Scientists will emerge from their dark lab and struggling against the daylight they will throw off their stained lab coats to take on the epic Callander Cycle Challenge 2016! The 'Gene Genies' team comprises two scientists, Chris Boyd and Laura Hyndman both of whom work in the UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium (GTC) laboratories at Edinburgh University, and two of their supporters, Phil Chester and Trevor Mackay.  

They are taking part in this event to raise money for the Flutterby FUNdraisers, a charity setup to raise money for the Consortium's work who have already raised over £45,000.

Chris and Laura are taking on the grueling 50 mile route from Callander to Killin and back through, the Loch Lomand and Trossachs National Park, widely recognised as the most picturesque part of Scotland outside of the Highlands! 

If you would like to donate money to their cause then please go to this page:-

It is sure to be an exciting day for the pair of them and we all wish them the best!

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The Trossachs


Local roads can be tricky but skilled sheepdogs will be on hand to keep the route clear for our cyclists.


Purifying mRNA from tissue samples.


Sheep lung parenchyma (cell nuclei blue) transduced with an adenoviral vector (green).


Schematic diagram of the large human airways.