New Publication, Davies et al., 2014

Thursday, May 29th 2014

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Nebuliser_working_small.jpgAerosol delivery of DNA/liposomes to the lung for cystic fibrosis gene therapy, Davies et al., Hum Gene Therapy Clinical Development 25(2):97-107.

One of the crucial choices regarding the clinical delivery of our GL67/pGM169 formulation was the choice of nebuiliser.

Many different types of device are available and familiar to the CF community but only a few are useful for gene delivery. Lee Davies who led this work is an exceptional scientist and he designed these crucial studies to select the best avaiable nebuiliser for the trial.

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E.coli from a large scale industrial production of our clinical trial plasmid pGM169.


Proposed 3D model of the CFTR protein.