New Publication, Pringle et al., 2012

Thursday, July 19th 2012

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Restriction_digest.jpgNew Consortium publication 'Rapid identification of novel functional promoters for gene therapy' is published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine. This paper results from a series of studies aiming to identify novel promoters for gene therapy. Promoters are vital to all gene therapy vectors as they are responsible for generating gene expression.

However, very few have actually ever been used in gene therapy. In this study led by Ian Pringle, the sequence every human, rat and mouse promoter (over 60,000) was placed into a database and then various screens were used to select a small number of candidates for testing in the mouse lung.

We found that these completely 'new' promoters performed as well or better than the more commonly used promoters.

For more information, see this Poster presentation from last year's ASGCT Conference :- Identification of Novel Naturally CpG-Free Human and Murine Promoters for Non-viral Gene Therapy



Human airway liquid interface cultures transduced with a lentivirus expressing Luciferase.


Pellets of DNA following precipitation.