New Publication - Gelinas et al 2017 - Media Supplements to Improve Lentiviral Vector Production Yields

Thursday, August 31st 2017

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Jean_Francois_with_thesis.jpgEarlier in the week we announced funding to undertake a clinical trial with our Lentiviral (LV) vector in CF patients. Producing LV vectors is challenging process requiring tremendous optimisation and development. 

Today we bring you a new publication in Scientific Reports by one of our recently graduated PhD Students Jean-Francois Gelinas (Keble College, Oxford). Part of JF's studies was to look at improving the yield of LV vector production. He joined the Consortium with a background in HIV biology and was interested in using his knowledge from that field to try and improve LV vector. LV vectors are produced in cultured human cells and JF theorised that by improving the health of these cells you should be able to produce more vector.

So he conducted a very nice set of studies looking at adding a series of supplements to the cell culture media with the aim of increasing virus production.

Since graduating from Oxford JF has returned to Canada and has taken up a position at McGill University, Montreal.

You can dowload the publication here:- Gelinas JF et al., 2017 Scientific Reports.


Schematic of LV production in shaker flasks

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