Young Investigator Award for Consortium PhD Student

Wednesday, May 7th 2014

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Cathy_Poster.jpgCathy Oliveira one of our PhD students at Oxford has received a Young Investigator Award to attend the 3rd Minicircle & DNA Vector Conference in Bielefeld, Germany, 8-9 May. The Minicircle & DNA Vector Conference is aimed people who have an interest in plasmid DNA vector design and optimisation, something which the Consortium obviously has a long term interest in.

The award is sponsored by PlasmidFactory, a German Biotech company, who also organise the conference.

The award was based on Cathy’s Abstract ‘Persistent gene expression in the murine lung is dependent on transgene CpG content’ and she will present a talk at the Conference.

Final Conference Programme 


A CFTR Western blot, to confirm protein production in cell culture.


A pellet of E.coli containing a plasmid expressing a pink fluorescent protein.