Papers 2

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  2. The use of CpG-free plasmids to mediate persistent gene expression following repeated aerosol delivery of pDNA/PEI complexes.
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Abstracts 3

  1. Development of Zero-CpG Plasmids with Reduced Inflammatory Responses Following Delivery of Lipid/pDNA Complexes to the Mouse Lung.
    Pringle IA et al.,The American Society of Gene Therapy Annual Conference (2006)
  2. Complete but not partial reduction of plasmid CpG content reduces the inflammatory response associated with delivery of GL67/pDNA complexes to the mouse lung.
    Pringle IA et al.,British Society of Gene Therapy Conference (2006)
  3. Development of zero-CpG plasmids for noviral lung gene therapy.
    Pringle IA et al.,The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Conference (2005)


Schematic diagram of the large human airways.