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bay1.jpgThe Consortium website and our social media accounts are maintained by our some of our Oxford team. 

The front end uses Twitter Bootstrap 3 giving a responsive layout accross a range of platforms and screen sizes. The backend uses a custom content management system we wrote ourselves because the existing ones don't really handle publications and conference abstracts very well.

Other than annual hosting fees of around £70 and an academic license for Dreamweaver CS5 this site cost nothing to create and was not even written during work hours.

However, we are scientists not web developers, so one issue we are aware of is how the site looks in some versions of Internet Explorer (image sizes are often too large).

We can't do much about this because we don't have any modern networked PCs. In research labs PCs do manly dull things like running FPLC machines or connecting to robots. But we generally don't network these machines. Less than 10% of all web traffic is conducted on IE so we are simply going to live with this issue. In some tests IE11 does seem to improve things but otherwise we recommend you install Chrome.

Wednesday, December 31st 2014


E.coli from a large scale industrial production of our clinical trial plasmid pGM169.


Large scale lentivirus production in suspension culture.