New Report on Multi Dose Clinical Trial Published

Thursday, July 21st 2016

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A new in depth report on our MD clinical trial has been published by the National Institute for Health Research. The report is published in 'Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation' a journal for studies funded by the NIHR via its EME programme.


The results of the clinical trial were originally published last summer (Alton et al., 2015) and this report contains no new data. However it represents a more extensive account of the clinical trial protocol and the raw data generated.


  1. Introduction and background
  2. Methods: clinical trial design and outcome measures
  3. Results of clinical efficacy outcomes
  4. Results of mechanistic substudy
  5. Safety and adverse events

You can download a copy here.


Schematic diagram of the large human airways.


Human airway liquid interface cultures transduced with a lentivirus expressing Luciferase.