Just Gene Therapy Lecture  

Alton EW, A Lecture Organised by Just Gene Therapy, Brompton Hospital, London

2012, 09-11

Just Gene TherapyThe following lecture was recorded on 11 September, 2012 at Imperial College London.

The event was organised by Just Gene Therapy, the new not for profit organisation established to raise funds CF gene therapy by Rosie Barnes.

In the lecture Prof Eric Alton summaries the aims of the UK CFGTC and our progress to date.


00:00 Rosie Barnes Introduction
01:00 Start of Lecture
06:30 DIY gene therapy
12:40 Previous clinical trials
16:40 Formation of the UKCFGTC
20:30 Improving the duration of transgene expression
23:00 Our clinical trial programme
27:50 The single dose (pilot) clinical trial
33:00 Can the formulation be repeatedly administered
35:45 The multi-dose clinical trial
37:28 Wave II - Can we do better

Just Gene Therapy Lecture, 11 September 2012(Prof Eric Alton summaries the aims of the UK CFGTC and our progress to date.)