Consortium Timeline

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Consortium publication on the cover of Molecular Therapy, February 2002.


  • The Consortium is formed on the initiative of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.



  • Reorganisation of the three groups and creation of specific working groups and core facilities at each of the three sites.



  • Development of the first CpG-Free plasmids.
  • Start of the product evaluation study to assess the effectiveness of multiple gene transfer agents (GTAs) in pre-clinical studies.The clinical trial plasmid pGM169



  • End of product evaluation.
  • GL67A selected as gene transfer agents (GTAs) for clinical studies.



  • Tracking Study commences.
  • Creation of a modular clinical plasmid design (after extensive plasmid development).
  • hCEFI promoter established as having superior duration of expression in pre-clinical models (after multiple promoter elements are tested).
  • The clinical trial plasmid pGM169 produced in Oxford.



  • Completion of the Tracking Study.
  • Commercial manufacturing of GL67A and pGM169 begins.
  • Testing and selection of clinical nebulisers.
  • Extensive clinical assay development ahead of clinical studies.
  • Design of a mixing device for correct mixing of GL67A and pGM169.The clinical trial mixing device



  • Run-in Study commences.



  • Single Dose Clinical Trial (Pilot study) commences.



  • Extensive pre-clinical multi-dose toxicology studies commence (these are required by law ahead of multi-dose studies in CF patients).



  • Completion of Single Dose Clinical Trial (Pilot study).
  • Extensive pre-clinical multi-dose toxicology studies completed.Nebuliser



  • CF Trust withdraws funding from the Consortium (limited funding provided to March 2012).
  • Consortium awarded grants from the MRC & NIHR to continue clinical trial and research programmes.
  • Start of multi-dose Clinical trial to assess efficacy of GL67/pGM169 formulation.
  • Rosie Barnes launches Just Gene Therapy to raise funds for the Consortium.



  • End of multi-dose Clinical trial.


2015 - Proposed

  • Publication of the clinical trial results

Monday, September 1st 2014


Proposed 3D model of the CFTR protein.


DNA fragments being cut from an agarose gel exposed to UV.


A cake that only some of us got to enjoy!


A frozen vial of GL67A (left) and a frozen vial of pGM169 plasmid DNA (right)


Mouse lung large airway (cell nuclei blue) transduced with an adenoviral vector (green).