Dr Deborah Gill to Address Broken Arrow Conference in Toronto

Thursday, April 30th 2015

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Broken_Arrow_Conference.jpgIn a late change to the original agenda, Dr Deborah Gill will be attending the 'Broken Arrow Conference' in Toronto this weekend (02 May - 03 May). The conference is organised by Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

The conference's theme this year is Gene Discovery to Personalized Medicine and leading researchers in the CF community are presenting

Deborah will be presenting an overview of our clinical trial programme.

The conference is being webcast live online. You can register in advance for the sessions here. Deborah will be presenting at 13:00 Saturday (EDT) which is 18:00 in the UK.

Final Conference Schedule.



Mouse lung large airway (cell nuclei blue) transduced with an adenoviral vector (green).


Light microscope image of a human airway liquid interface cultures. Dark patches are mucous.


A pellet of E.coli containing a plasmid expressing a pink fluorescent protein.