Flutterby FUNdraisers Donate by Text

Tuesday, April 12th 2016

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Flutterby_text_donate.jpgOur friends at Flutterby FUNdraisers have setup a text to donate number.

They raise money for the Consortium and now you can donate by simply texting GENE16 to 70070. 100% of your donation goes to Flutterby FUNdraisers. 

The service is run by JustTextGiving by Vodafone and is simple to use.


After your donation you will be sent a confirmation text and if you are a UK tax payer you can add 25% Gift Aid to your donation by following the weblink in the text message.



Mouse lung large airway (cell nuclei blue) transduced with an adenoviral vector (green).


Human airway liquid interface cultures transduced with a lentivirus expressing Luciferase.